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Drama Showcase - Special Offer

Drama Showcase - Special Offer

27 June 2012

Drama Showcase, our much-loved series of original dramas, will be available for £5 (was £10.99!) each or £15 for the whole series (saving £28.96). The line up comprises Not A Well Woman, written by and starring Katy Manning, Pulling Faces (written by Helen Goldwyn and starring Louise Jameson), In Conversation with An Acid Bath Murderer (written by and starring Nigel Fairs, with Louise Jameson and Richard Franklin) and Unintelligent Design (written by and starring Geoffrey Beevers).

To take advantage of our Drama Showcase offer, simply go to the Drama Showcase Special Offer page where you will find each release for £5 each or £15 for the whole series as a bundle. 

If you would like to purchase the bundle, please click on the green 'Subscription' button on the offer page and select CD or DOWNLOAD from the drop down menu.

The offer will begin on June 27 and end at 10:00 BST on June 30.

NB The links in this item are no longer active as the offer is now finished.

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