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Big Finish's 15th Anniversary of Doctor Who releases - Offer 5!

Big Finish's 15th Anniversary of Doctor Who releases - Offer 5!

30 July 2014

Fifteen years ago, we released Doctor Who: The Sirens of Time, starting a tradition of audio storytelling for the worlds of Doctor Who and beyond. The year 2003 saw us celebrating Doctor Who, and also expanding a popular existing range. Read on for a perspective on that, and some more special offers...

Big Finish's Doctor Who at 15 - Offer 5


In the main Doctor Who range, 2003 saw us marking not only the 50th title in our main range, but also Doctor Who's 40th anniversary. At this point there was still no sign of the TV show returning, so we produced our own cake and candles in the form of three stories dedicated to the show's most powerful villains: Omega, Davros and the Master as well as the large, complex multi-Doctor story Zagreus. For today only, these stories are available on Download for £1 each.

And as Nick says below, 2003 saw a second series of the popular Dalek Empire range, this time entitled Dalek War. Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 can each be bought for £2.99 on CD and £1 on Download, or as a collected subscription on CD or Download.

See you in 48 hours for Offer 6!


A Few Words About 2003


"Ironically, Jason and I had thought of doing something like Dalek Empire before we had the Doctor Who licence. Bizarrely, we thought it more likely that we could get a non-Doctor Who licence to do the Daleks on their own. But even after we started doing Doctor Who, doing something that brought the spirit of the Dalek Annuals to life was still very much in our sights. I never dreamt that it would be as successful as it was. The key ingredient was that, with no Doctor or companions, the audience suddenly felt that anybody could be killed off at any moment — and they frequently were! After the first series drew to a close, and it was clear it was worth doing more, Jason said to me, ’Stop killing people!’

I never did, though."

Nick Briggs, Big Finish writer, director, performer, producer and Podcaster

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