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We love StoriesBig Finish produce great full-cast audio drama for CD and download, featuring many popular television fantasy series.

Premiering on CITV in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on May 12th 1996, Doctor Who: The Movie saw the TARDIS materialising in San Fransisco Bay, and the adventures of the Eighth Doctor begin! From the moment he woke up in a hospital morgue, Paul McGann's Byronesque time-traveller captured the imagination of an entire generation.

And while his television adventures didn't continue until 2013's The Night of the Doctor, it wasn't long before Paul arrived at Big Finish to begin his travels on audio; and this weekend, you can save on every one of his appearances so far with our Eighth Doctor 20th Anniversary Special Offers!

The Eighth Doctor's Big Finish tales begin when he meets Charlotte Pollard (India Fisher) aboard the airship R-101 in Doctor Who: Storm Warning, beginning a seven-year run of adventures for this classic Big Finish partnership! Even threats to the web of time weren't enough to stop our heroes from exploring the Universe, where they battled Cybermen, Daleks, Nimon and more in our Doctor Who Main Range. These first eleven titles are available at the permanently reduced price of £2.99 each to download, including the 40th Anniversary spectacular Doctor Who: Zagreus – uniting four incarnations of the Doctor against a monstrous entity from the Time Lords' past! You can even get the behind-the-scenes scoop on how these early stories were made with Big Finish Talks Back: The Eighth Doctor Authors, a CD release of interviews available for only £5 this weekend.

After saving Gallifrey, the Doctor and Charlotte find themselves trapped in the Divergent Universe: a bizarre alternative reality, where they meet the alien C'rizz (Conrad Westmaas). Together, they journey to uncover the truth behind this horrifying world – with familiar dangers still waiting for them upon their escape! The Eighth Doctor's further Main Range adventures can be enjoyed for just £5 each on both CD and download this weekend, with selected bundles of stories also reduced!

Upon parting ways with Charlotte and C'rizz, a brand new era beings in The Eighth Doctor Adventures – hour-long audio dramas that see the Doctor travel with the feisty Lucie Miller (Sheridan Smith). Across four series of epic encounters, the pair work together to defeat Krynoids, Zygons, Ice Warriors, the Meddling Monk and a galaxy of other terrors – while finding time to make friends old and new, including Tamsin Drew (Niky Wardly), Alex Campbell (Jake McGann) and Susan (Carole Ann Ford). All 34 of our Eighth Doctor Adventures can be enjoyed this weekend for just £5 each on CD and to download, with discounted series bundles also available.

An epic saga of battles then awaits the Eighth Doctor in our critically acclaimed Doctor Who: Dark Eyes series. After meeting volunteer nurse Molly O'Sullivan (Ruth Bradley) in the trenches of the First World War, a desperate chase begins across the Universe – with the Daleks in close pursuit! Across four box-sets, the Doctor and Molly encounter the Master (Alex Macqueen), the Viyrans, Sontarans and the Dalek Time Controller; and join forces with the magnificent Liv Chenka (Nicola Walker). All four box-sets in the Dark Eyes saga can be enjoyed for just £20 each this weekend, or together in a bundle with free UK postage.

The Eighth Doctor's latest battle begins with the escape of an ancient enemy in Doctor Who: Doom Coalition. The Eleven (Mark Bonnar) - an insane Time Lord with the minds of his previous incarnations still in his head – breaks free from Gallifrey, and only the Doctor and Liv can stop his plans for the Universe. With the help of museum researcher Helen Sinclair (Hattie Morahan), the travellers must fight to uncover the secrets of the Doom Coalition; and will even cross paths with River Song (Alex Kingston). The first two box-sets in our latest Doctor Who epic have been reduced back to their pre-order price of £20 each for this weekend: a perfect jumping on point for those new to Big Finish. The entire range of four box-sets can be purchased together with our Doom Coalition bundle, which, as with the majority of Big Finish releases, contains complimentary digital copies with all CD orders, so you won't need to wait to enjoy the stories!

And that's just the start of the Eighth Doctor's adventures at Big Finish! Paul McGann returns to the Doctor Who Main Range in Doctor Who: The Company of Friends, a special anthology teaming him with New Adventures companion Bernice Summerfield (Lisa Bowerman), BBC Books' Fitz Kreiner (Matt di Angelo), Doctor Who Magazine's Izzy Sinclair (Jemima Rooper) and, for the first time ever, Frankenstein author Mary Shelley (Julie Cox); who then joins the Doctor for a Main Range trilogy featuring Cybermen, Witches and the Legions of the Undead!

The Doctor unites with old friends Romana (Lalla Ward) and K9 (John Leeson) in Doctor Who: Shada, discovers new family members in Doctor Who: An Earthly Child, almost meets his future love in The Diary of River Song: Series 1 and unites with his former incarnations to battle the Master in Doctor Who: The Light at the End (available in both standard and Limited Editions).

You can even enjoy the Eighth Doctor's Companion Chronicle adventure Doctor Who: Solitaire and his Destiny of the Doctors instalment Doctor Who: Enemy Aliens at special offer prices. Also available are two new Doctor Who Short Trip adventures Doctor Who: Foreshadowing and Doctor Who: The Curse of the Fugue, ready to download at the permanently low price of £2.99 each.

And as an extra special treat to truly complete our Eighth Doctor collection, the single episode adventure Doctor Who: Klein's Story can be downloaded for free this weekend, starring Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor, Tracey Childs as Elizabeth Klein and Paul McGann as the mysterious Johann Schmidt. Download the story here, along with the free football-themed story Doctor Who: Living Legend.

The Eighth Doctor's journeys will continue in Doctor Who: Doom Coalition 3 and Doctor Who: Doom Coalition 4, before jumping forward to the darkest days of the Time Lords in Doctor Who: Classic Doctors, New Monsters Volume 1 and Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor – The Time War. Pre-orders are open now, with each box-set priced at only £20 each on both CD and to download.

For the true collectors out there, you can also pre-order Doctor Who: The Chimes of Midnight Limited Vinyl Edition: a special release of the acclaimed story by Robert Shearman, strictly limited to 500 copies and available for £79.99.

But that's not all, because for this weekend only we're offering the ultimate Eighth Doctor extravaganza with the Doctor Who – The Eighth Doctor 20th Anniversary Bundle, containing over 90 Eighth Doctor adventures, including those available to pre-order! The CD Bundle is £640 with free UK postage and includes downloads for those stories not available on CD. The Download bundle is available for £555.

Please note that both bundles contain the Limited Edition version of Doctor Who: The Light at the End instead of the standard version. Doctor Who: Shada, Big Finish Talks Back: The Eighth Doctor Authors and Doctor Who: The Chimes of Midnight Limited Vinyl Edition are not included in the download bundle.

These incredible special offers must end noon Tuesday May 17th, so order now to avoid disappointment. Explore our entire range of titles on our Eighth Doctor Collected page.

And don't forget to finish the Eighth Doctor's journey by watching The Night of the Doctor!

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