Bernice Summerfield: A Life in Pieces

Bernice Summerfield: A Life in Pieces

Released December 2004



Zardoz Break
by Dave Stone

The Purpura Pawn
by Paul Sutton

On Trial
by Joseph Lidster

Benny is on holiday. Dealing with sand, sea and sunshine. Oh, and intrusive reality TV camera crews…

Adrian and Bev are on a secret mission, trying to be subtle and undercover. Yeah, that'll work…

Irving Braxiatel is on Earth, helping an old friend solve a political problem with his usual tact and diplomacy…

And linking all of these little sojourns is one Jason Peter Kane. He's on trial for his life, accused of stealing the legendary Purpura Pawn - and somehow everyone else has to try and find a way to help him. But is someone out to stop them doing so, no matter what the cost?

Written By: Dave Stone, Paul Sutton and Joseph Lidster