Bernice Summerfield: Something Changed

Bernice Summerfield: Something Changed

Released January 2006



There's a fresh grave on planetoid KS-159, but only Bernice Summerfield seems to have noticed. Her friends on the Braxiatel Collection are too busy with their own affairs to see how distraught she is, how keenly she feels this loss.

There's no time to grieve. Life must carry on, different and strange as it may be. Benny has a son and a bloke to look after, and a feud with Bev Tarrant to keep up. And she's also got dumped with a new assignment, babysitting some daft experiment.

Doggles claims his "history machine" will change everything. And the worst thing is that he's right.

The Stories

Inappropriate Laughter
Simon Guerrier

Siege Mentality
James Swallow

Dead Mice
Joseph Lidster

Acts of Senseless Devotion
Pete Kempshall

Walking Backwards for Christmas
Ben Aaronovitch

Match of the Deity
Eddie Robson

Night of the Living Martian
John Isles

The God Gene
Ben Woodhams

Writing in Green
Dave Hoskin

Showing Initiative
David Cromarty

A Murderous Desire
Ian Farrington

Back and There Again
Dave Stone

One of my Turns
Sin Deniz

The Ice Garden
Jonathan Clements

Family Man
Ian Mond

After Life
Simon Guerrier

Written By: Editor: Simon Guerrier