1. Doctor Who: Excelis Dawns

Doctor Who: Excelis Dawns

Released February 2002

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That terrible old reprobate and transdimensional adventuress Iris Wildthyme has gone and locked herself up in a nunnery on the savage world of Artaris. Here she is discovered by the Doctor and the reasonably brutal warlord Grayvorn. Together - with a peculiar nun they pick up en route - they must travel the forests and swamps of this ghastly world in Iris's double decker bus in order to tussle - to the death - with a horde of flesh-eating zombies for a mysterious and holy relic of unfathomable value and questionable pedigree.

But what is the Mother Superior's part in all this?

Written By: Paul Magrs
Directed By: Gary Russell


Peter Davison (The Doctor); Anthony Stewart Head (Lord Grayvorn); Katy Manning (Iris Wildthyme); Patricia Leventon (Mother Superior); Posy Miller (Sister Jolene); Billy Miller (Zombie King/Zombies); David Darlington (Zombies)