08. Judge Dredd: I Love Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd: I Love Judge Dredd

Released November 2002

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"I Love Judge Dredd - a bonanza celebration of Mega-City One’s premier lawman! Join your host, TV’s Tark Pastry as he accompanies Dredd on two eventful and action-packed days in the Big Meg. Gain an intimate, never-before-seen insight into the man behind the helmet. Discover what really makes Dredd tick.
"I Love Judge Dredd also features contributions from civil rights campaigner Pert Mitchell, former gameshow host Brucie Squires, mineral water magnate Frisco Lambada and hardened criminal mastermind Harry ‘The Hat’ McGuiness, plus special cameo appearances from pop sensations the Grim Utter Death and Radish Timberlake, leader of the revolutionary collective known only as the ‘Karma Vigilantes’.
"Plus, of course, our very special guest, ‘Ol’ Stony Face' himself! The one, the only… Judge Dredd!"

Written By: Jonathan Morris
Directed By: Jonathan Clements


Toby Longworth (Judge Dredd); Nicholas Briggs (Tark Pastry); Mark Donovan (Frisco Lambada); Jeremy James (Brucie Squires); Hannah Smith (Marjory Household)