14. Judge Dredd: War Crimes

Judge Dredd: War Crimes

Released April 2004

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2104 AD: Mega-City One is close to capitulation during the Apocalypse War, with half the population dead and invaders on the streets. Judge Dredd saves his city by nuking East-Meg One out of existence, killing half a billion people.
2126 AD: Dredd wakes up in an interrogation cell, stripped of his weapons and uniform, manacled to a chair. Implanted in the Judge's spine are electrodes that deliver crippling shock treatments directly into his central nervous system.
For the next sixty minutes Dredd will be interrogated by an inquisitor determined to make the Judge admit to war crimes. It will be the longest hour of Dredd's life.

Written By: David Bishop
Directed By: John Ainsworth


Toby Longworth (Judge Dredd), Caroline Burns Cooke (Isaacs), Ian Brooker (Ivan), Helen Goldwyn (The Girl)