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Black and White Cover Revealed

Black and White Cover Revealed

10 August 2012

We've kept it a secret for long enough; here's the real cover for Doctor Who: Black and White, which reveals the answer to a question posed in Protect and Survive!

As some of you may have guessed by now, we've been a little bit sneaky recently about our current Doctor Who main range Sylvester McCoy trilogy - and here's the cover to prove it! Yes, the one displayed on the website and elsewhere hasn't been the finished article, because it gives away the fact that Lysandra Aristedes (last heard in Project: Destiny) and Sally Morgan (of House of Blue Fire fame) are back!

Maggie O'Neill and Amy Pemberton gave such superb performances that we just had to return them to the main range, and where better than in the labyrinth of mysteries that is the Black TARDIS trilogy? How do they fit in? That we're not telling. But some - not all! - will become clear in this month's Black and White.

We can also reveal that Companion Chronicle Project: Nirvana ties in to the trilogy. While it can be enjoyed on its own, it explains some of what's been happening to Aristedes and Sally since we last heard from them. Yes, that's right; Amy Pemberton also features in that story and can be seen on the new, real cover on the product page. Just click on the earlier link to see it.

And in case you think that's everything out in the open, keep listening...

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