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Latest Doctor Who - Novel Adaptations Release

Damaged Goods (Standard Edition)

6. Damaged Goods (Standard Edition)

Starring Sylvester McCoy, with Travis Oliver and Yasmin Bannerman

Out now!

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The Well-Mannered War (Standard Edition)

5. The Well-Mannered War (Standard Edition)

Starring Tom Baker, Lalla Ward and John Leeson

Out now!

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Coming Soon

7. Theatre of War

Theatre of War

Starring Sylvester McCoy

Out in December

8. All-Consuming Fire

All-Consuming Fire

Starring Sylvester McCoy

Out in December

9. Nightshade


Starring Sylvester McCoy

Out in April 2016

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Doctor Who - Novel Adaptations

For some they were the Dark Times, a period with no Doctor Who on television, and little hope of there being any more.

However, creativity often will out, and through the efforts of Virgin Publishing, Doctor Who found a new home in prose. Over the years a number of authors, subsequently well known to Doctor Who fans (Paul Cornell, Gareth Roberts, Russell T Davies), penned stories which captivated and excited.

It's the privilege of Big Finish to be able to bring some of these New Adventures and Missing Adventures to life as full-cast audio productions...

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