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Who are Big Finish?

For nearly fifteen years, Big Finish has been producing high-quality audio drama on CD. There are literally hundreds of productions to choose from, with new titles being released on a monthly basis. The majority of Big Finish's audio plays are based on popular TV series such as Doctor Who, Dark Shadows, Blake's 7, Survivors, and The Avengers. Many of the original actors who starred in these classic shows have returned to recreate their characters. Releases are usually either full-cast audio dramas or dramatic readings featuring two cast members, all with explosive sound design and an original music score. Every story features your favourite characters in an all-new adventure. Big Finish offers hours of entertainment, excitement and intrigue. You've never heard it so good!

Are your audio drama productions available in a downloadable format?

Yes they are, the majority are available in MP3 format for download only, and are also free when you purchase a CD. Once you purchase a product you will have instant access to its download, and if you accidentally delete the files you can come back and download them again. Your purchases will always be attached to your account. Some productions are currently not available for download due to contractual issues. We are hoping to ultimately release everything in download format. When you subscribe, you will also often receive bonus material, from scripts to free stories.

Can I make copies of my CD or download?

Of course you can, but solely for your own exclusive use. Big Finish is happy for you to burn your downloads to CD or to upload your CDs to your personal MP3 player, but please remember that giving those CDs to third parties, exchanging MP3s with friends or posting them on websites is an infringement of international copyright and could be subject to a criminal prosecution. Big Finish loses around three-quarters of its potential revenue to piracy, so we have no compunction whatsoever in prosecuting bootleggers and pirates. The maximum penalty for offences of audio piracy is 10 years imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine. The "Proceeds of Crime Act" legislation now also enables confiscation of assets and goods. Please remember, this affects us all: if more people buy a legal Big Finish CD or download, the greater the opportunity for price cuts and special offers for our loyal listeners – and you’ll be funding new productions too!

Will you produce an audio series based on 'X' TV show/comic-strip/book series?

We are always considering new series suitable for audio, but there are often many practical and legal considerations to take into account. Any new series from Big Finish will be announced in our news section of the website or you can subscribe to our RSS feed where all news will automatically be updated. Also, if you wish to subscribe to our podcast, you will get all the latest Big Finish news directly downloaded to your mp3 player.

Apart from your website, how and where can we buy your products?

Big Finish CDs and books are actually available from any good bookshop. Even if you cannot find our titles on the shelves of a bookshop, they will be able to order any of our titles for you. If you are able to give the shop the ISBN number for the item you are looking for, this will help them to locate it. The ISBN numbers for all our products can be found on the individual product pages on this site. Big Finish products are also stocked by many of the specialist science fiction shops throughout the UK, including Galaxy Four, Forbidden Planet and Burtons Books.

Which US retailers stock Big Finish products?

You can buy Big Finish products in the US from Alien Entertainment, Who North America, and Ken's Corner, amongst others.

Who can I send my story idea/script to?

Unfortunately we are not presently accepting unsolicited scripts or stories for any of our ranges. Occasionally we will run script or story competitions and these will be announced on the news page, in the RSS feed and on the podcast.

Can I get work experience at Big Finish?

Big Finish is a small company with only a very few full and part-time employees. Regrettably this means that we have neither the time nor the resources to accommodate work experience placements.

Will Tom Baker be playing the Fourth Doctor in any of your plays?

For many years, this was one of the most frequently asked questions. Tom Baker agreed in 2010 to return to playing the Fourth Doctor. We have now started releasing the Fourth Doctor Adventures. Season One (released from January 2012) features adventures with Louise Jameson’s Leela. Season Two (released in January 2013)  features Mary Tamm as Romana and John Leeson as K9. More adventures with Leela started in 2014, with Lalla Ward returning to the role of Romana for the 2015 releases.

Will any stars of the current TV series be doing Big Finish plays?

The terms of our current licence with the BBC allow us to only produced 'Classic' Doctor Who. This means that we can only use the first eight Doctors and their companions. Anything connected to the new series – even characters who are no longer featured – cannot be used by us in a Big Finish Doctor Who production. Actors from the series do often appear in audio adventures as different characters, however, and before he landed the role of the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant featured in eight Big Finish productions as assorted characters.

We have, however, recently secured the rights to make a series of UNIT (UNIT: Extinction) which features UNIT as represented in the post-2005 Doctor Who TV series. Its two leading characters are Kate Stewart and Osgood.

Will you be featuring the Time War in any of your forthcoming plays?

We are unable to feature the Time War in any of our stories for the reasons given in the previous answer.

How can I get help with my payments?

You can contact us via email or phone. If you go to our Contact Us page you can select the option for you. You can email via and

Are downloads available to everyone?

Downloads are available to anyone who has purchased something (that has been released in download format) directly from the Big Finish website since 1st Feb 2008. If you order over the phone, you can ask for downloads to be added to your account when you place your order, or email and we will be happy to update your account.

I keep hearing that ‘Subscribers get more at’. What more could I get?

Subscribing to the main range of Doctor Who stories entitles you a saving of 30% and, up to 2013, a free story each year. For older subs, occasional bonus magazines on CD are also included; check the subscription pages to discover what stories must be included in your subscription to qualify for the free releases. There are also irregularly released free stories, often taken from the now out of print Short Trips book range. If you take out a 12-month subscription to the main Doctor Who range, you’re also entitled to choose a free CD of £10.99 or less (excluding AudioGo and Textbook Stuff products). The first 50 main range releases are now available in discount download subscriptions. With more recent releases, starting from The Magic Mousetrap, you will receive a PDF of the script, and often free extended interview extras. 12-CD subscribers to the main range also receive £5 off when they subscribe to the Companion Chronicles.

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