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Blake's 7 - The Liberator Chronicles Volume 6 Out Now

Blake's 7 - The Liberator Chronicles Volume 6 Out Now

17 October 2013

We're delighted to announce the release today of the latest Blake's 7 - The Liberator Chronicles box set: Volume 6. It provides the answers to some long-held questions of what happened to Blake and Jenna in the aftermath of the Galactic War, and also features the return of Tarrant, once more played by Steven Pacey!

Steven Pacey is back as Tarrant! And in Volume 6 of Blake's 7: The Liberator Chronicles, we explore the Series C story arc that you never saw on TV.

The Liberator is damaged in the Galactic War (see Blake's 7: Warship). The crew abandon ship, and Blake and Jenna are lost to their friends.

But what happens to them?

For the first time, discover Blake and Jenna's story.

And find out why Avon decided to call off the search for them…

Blake's 7 - The Liberator Chronicles: Volume 6 is available now for download, and CD copies will be going out today.

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