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Blake's 7 Full Cast Covers Up!

Blake's 7 Full Cast Covers Up!

7 April 2014

The final two covers for the first series of full cast Blake's 7 tales are now up on the website, along with synopses. Check out Cold Fury and Caged!

The first series of Blake's 7: The Classic Audio Adventures comes to a hard-hitting conclusion with Cold Fury in May and Caged in June, as Blake comes face to face with the Federation President. Covers for these two unmissable releases are now on their respecitve product pages, but if you'd like to know more...

Cold Fury

When Travis scores a victory over the Liberator crew, Blake is willing to risk everything in order to get back what is theirs.

The destination is the uninhabited ice world Horst Minor, where eugenics specialist Doctor Tirus is working on experiments for the Federation President.

Horst Minor has many secrets. And Blake is not going to like what he finds there…


Roj Blake and the President of the Terran Federation stand face to face.

Two men with polar opposite political views, meeting for the first and last time.

The long crusade is at an end. And Blake stands to lose everything that matters in his life...

Both Blake's 7: Cold Fury and Blake's 7: Caged are available for pre-order now on CD and download, or as part of a subscription to the series.

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