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Doctor Who: Dark Eyes 3 - Doctor vs Master

Doctor Who: Dark Eyes 3 - Doctor vs Master

25 June 2014

The third box set in our epic, award winning saga Doctor Who - Dark Eyes will be released in November. The synopsis and full cast list are now available...

In Doctor Who - Dark Eyes, the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) met his new companion Molly O'Sullivan (Ruth Bradley - Primeval) as they battled Daleks and explored the mystery of Molly's dark eyes...

In Dark Eyes 2, the pair were joined by Liv Chenka (Nicola Walker - Spooks, Last Tango in Halifax), as - in addition to the Daleks - the Doctor's old enemies The Eminence and The Master entered the arena...

The Daleks taken a back seat in Dark Eyes 3, although they may return iin the finale, as this box set has a very focused theme. The Doctor versus The Master.

The battle is on...

Alex Macqueen triumphantly returns as The Master, while the lead cast also includes Natalie Burt as Dr Sally Armstrong, David Sibley as The Eminence, and Sean Carlsen returns as Narvin - a character who will be known to Big Finish listeners from the six series of Gallifrey.

Guest stars include Sacha Dhawan (An Adventure in Space and Time) and Georgia Moffett (Doctor Who - The Doctor's Daughter).

Doctor Who - Dark Eyes 3 is out in November and is available to pre-order at a discount price.

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