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Dark Shadows - 11 New Tales This Year

Dark Shadows - 11 New Tales This Year

12 January 2012

Big Finish is pleased to announce that 2012 will see the release of an unprecedented 11 Dark Shadows Dramatic Readings.

As ever, the series will feature characters both old and new facing a terrifying array of spooky horrors!

The first story, The Voodoo Amulet, sees the return of Tony Peterson (Jerry Lacy) and Cassandra Collins (Lara Parker) after their reunion in last year's The Death Mask. This time they're in New Orleans up against the sinister Mr Jericho (Michael Salami) and his wife Sybilla (Adenya Knight).

The following month tells the terrifying tale of what happens when lawyer Gerald Conway goes to stay at The House by the Sea. Are the voices he hears in his head? Or is a long-dead horror about to return from beyond the grave?

Further details of these and the following stories will be announced soon, but we can reveal that plans are underway for the return of at least four characters from the television series yet to have featured in the audio range. They'll be taking their place alongside such favourites as Quentin Collins (David Selby), who finally escapes war-torn London, and Gregory Trask (Jerry Lacy) - now reunited with his daughter, Charity (Nancy Barrett).

The plays will be released from February through to December, with the first five stories completing the subscription package that began with last year's The Crimson Pearl. That subscription is still available on CD and for download. A new subscription beginning with July's release will be available soon.

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