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Day 9/12 Days of Big Finish Special Offer

Day 9/12 Days of Big Finish Special Offer

1 January 2013

On the ninth day of Christmas Big Finish offers you: Doctor Who: The Judgement of Isskar - £2.99 - download only for 48 hours.

CLICK HERE to buy The Judgement of Isskar.

If you like this, you can follow the adventures of the Tracer twins to the other Key 2 Time stories, and then into spin-off Graceless.

On a planet where Time stands still, the Doctor meets a woman who is just a few minutes old. She is a Tracer, sent into our Universe by her makers to locate the six segments of the Key to Time. This being without a name wants the Doctor to be her assistant, but she doesn’t tell him the whole truth. Not at first.

Their first port of call is Mars, where a society that one day will become Ice Warriors lives in peace and civility. But the Doctor’s arrival will change all that. The universe is dying, a choice must be made, and the Judgement of Isskar will be declared. The price must be paid - even if it takes centuries…

Check back tomorrow for the tenth day of Christmas where we'll be "spinning" another special offer...

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