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Doctor Who: The Abandoned - Co-Written by Louise Jameson!

Doctor Who: The Abandoned - Co-Written by Louise Jameson!

5 June 2013

Louise Jameson has made her Doctor Who writing debut, scripting an audio for the upcoming third season of The Fourth Doctor Adventures for Big Finish. The actress, who plays Leela opposite Tom Baker, has written the seventh story in the season, The Abandoned, collaborating with Nigel Fairs. It will be released in July 2014.

“We all know that Lou is a really brilliant and confident actor,” says producer David Richardson, “but it’s been a joy to learn that her skill set also extends into great scriptwriting. I saw My Gay Best Friend, the stage show she wrote with Nigel Fairs, and was deeply impressed by its wit, charm and depth of emotion. And when, shortly afterwards, Louise asked if we might consider her writing a Doctor Who, the reply was an instant ‘yes’.”

“Wow!” adds Louise. “I can't believe that the idea I pitched to Big Finish was accepted, and here it is completed. Huge thanks to Nigel Fairs for co-creating. No spoilers, but... beware your own mind...”

Following Doctor Who: The Abandoned, the final story of the season is Doctor Who: Zygon Hunt by Nicholas Briggs, which finds the Fourth Doctor and Leela facing the alien shapeshifters on a world where humans are hunting a Skarasen. The guest cast includes Michael Maloney as Gregor Saraton (Bonekickers, The Forsyte Saga) and Gillian Kearney (Casualty, Shameless, The Forsyte Saga) as Mina Challis.

The Fourth Doctor amd Leela will then return in January 2015 for eight additional adventures, accompanied by John Leeson as K9.

“These stories will be set during Season 15,” says executive producer Nicholas Briggs, “and include epic outer space adventures and gothic horror tales – and everything in between! There will be at least three returning enemies from the TV series, plus a friend you’ve met before in a Big Finish adventure. Recording is already underway, and it’s sounding great!”

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