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Doctor Who: Voyage to Venus Released

Doctor Who: Voyage to Venus Released

25 October 2012

It's a month early - but we couldn't wait to bring you Doctor Who: Voyage to Venus, the latest in the line of Special Releases.

As it rattled speedily through the production process, we thought 'Why hold it back until November?' Thus, Doctor Who: Voyage to Venus is now available to download. The story finds Victorian investigators of infernal incidents Jago and Litefoot (first seen in 1977 Doctor Who TV tale The Talons of Weng-Chiang) off on a jaunt with the Sixth Doctor, in the aftermath of their latest series of adventures in their own spin-off series. Their first stop is the planet Venus, mentioned on several occasions in Doctor Who but not actually visited - and what a wealth of strange creatures both fair and foul it brings!

Colin Baker once more plays the Sixth Doctor (as he did on TV between 1984 and 1986) while Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxer again embody the olden-days adventurers Henry Gordon Jago and George Litefoot as they're taken out of the comfort zone of their own time and space for the first time!

Doctor Who: Voyage to Venus is available now at the bargain price of £5 for the CD and £1 for the download, and also forms part of our low-priced Special Releases bundle. But these low prices end on 31st December, so order quickly! And there are more Jago & Litefoot solo adventures coming up; to pre-order (or catch up on what's been happening to them so far), head here!

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