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BBC Audio Awards Win Brings Eighth Doctor Awards Offer!

BBC Audio Awards Win Brings Eighth Doctor Awards Offer!

24 January 2014

We're absolutely thrilled to have won the BBC Audio Drama Award for Best Online or Non-Broadcast Drama with Doctor Who - Dark Eyes: The Great War! We're celebrating by making the Eighth Doctor's main range adventures £5 and Dark Eyes half price on CD (and returning the download to its pre-order price) - on past the weekend and into Tuesday!

That's right: until Tuesday, twenty titles (those in the first 50 are already reduced) can be bought for only £5 on CD or download, with Dark Eyes available for £20. The titles in full are:

Dark Eyes


The Creed of the Kromon

The Natural History of Fear

The Twilight Kingdom

Faith Stealer

The Last


The Next Life

Terror Firma

Scaredy Cat

Other Lives

Time Works

Something Inside

Memory Lane


The Girl Who Never Was

The Company of Friends

The Silver Turk

The Witch from the Well

Army of Death

To choose from the selection, drop by the Big Finish Bargains page now!

Now to figure out where to put our award...

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