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Louise Jameson To Guest Star in an Upcoming Blake's 7!

Louise Jameson To Guest Star in an Upcoming Blake's 7!

11 January 2013

Louise Jameson, who played the savage Leela opposite Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor in Doctor Who, is taking a key role in Volume 5 of Blake's 7: The Liberator Chronicles, which is released in August 2013.

Blake’s 7 was created by Terry Nation (who also created the Daleks for Doctor Who) and ran for four years on BBC TV. It focused on a team of resistance fighters aboard their advanced ship the Liberator, who battle the corrupt forces of the Federation. The Liberator Chronicles is a series of enhanced audiobooks that is being released in a licence deal with B7 Media.

Volume 5 opens with Logic by Simon Guerrier, in which we meet Pol, an ordinary woman living an ordinary existence inside the domed city on Earth… who is visited by strangers who bring chaos to her life. Louise Jameson plays Pol, Paul Darrow is Avon, Sally Knyvette is Jenna and Jacqueline Pearce returns as Servalan.

In Risk Management by Una McCormack, Blake and Jenna come to the assistance of the planet Sutskar, which is attempting to sell its antiquities to finance reconstruction. But the sale is mired by betrayals and intrigue… Gareth Thomas plays Blake, and Sally Knyvette is Jenna.

Finally, in Three by James Goss, Supreme Commander Servalan accepts a rare interview with a journalist named Cullen. But as she welcomes Cullen aboard Space Command, slowly the truth unfolds concerning who is the hunter, and who is the prey… Jacqueline Pearce plays Servalan, and Joseph Kloska (Pete Versus Life) is Cullen.

Volume 5 of The Liberator Chronicles will be released in August 2013. Volumes 1 and 2 are one sale now, with Volume 3 available in February 2013.

A range of new Blake’s 7 novels is also available: The Forgotten by Mark Wright and Cavan Scott, and Archangel by Scott Harrison are on sale now.

Subscriptions and pre-orders are available at

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