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Doctor Who: Love and War Extended

Doctor Who: Love and War Extended

17 September 2012

Twenty years ago, archaeologist Bernice Summerfield had her first adventure with the Seventh Doctor in print in a series of Doctor Who novels published by Virgin. Now, she's about to relive that first adventure in audio form in Love and War, the first of our Doctor Who Special Releases - and it's been extended to three discs!

Starring Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor (who he played on screen from 1987-1989, plus the TV movie) and Sophie Aldred as Ace (his companion of that same timeframe), Love and War is the story which introduces Professor Bernice Summerfield.

Played by Lisa Bowerman in the Doctor Who main range, the Companion Chronicles and in her own series (the one which first launched Big Finish, no less!), Benny started life in the Virgin New Adventures novels that took up where Doctor Who ended. Now you can hear how it all started for her in an adaptation of Paul Cornell's novel by Jacqueline Rayner.

As a special bonus, the release has been upgraded from two discs to three to accommodate all the brilliant material recorded in studio. Discs one and two will feature Love and War itself, while a third disc - for no extra cost! - will contain both the prelude to the book first seen in Doctor Who Magazine, and a behind-the-scenes documentary looking at the making of the story.

Doctor Who: Love and War is available to pre-order now, and is also part of our Special Releases deal which features the Sixth (Colin Baker, 1984-1986), Seventh and Eighth (Paul McGann, 1996) Doctors in action in single disc releases Doctor Who: Voyage to Venus and Doctor Who: Voyage to the New World, and the box sets Doctor Who: UNIT - Dominion and Doctor Who: Dark Eyes.

Don't miss our spectacular low prices or the newly expanded Doctor Who: Love and War!

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