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May Day Thank You

May Day Thank You

7 May 2013

A massive, massive thank you to everyone who took part in our May Day special offer last week. We really appreciate all customers, new and old, who dropped by and supported us, and shared the details of the offer with friends, family and any strangers they happened to chance upon. And, indeed, a huge thank you to our Sales team for tackling the increased demand in orders.

The downside of that demand is that the Sales team now has an extra-large number of orders to process. They're working through them all as fast as they can, but please be patient if your order doesn't arrive as speedily as you're used to. We still hope to have everything sent out within the 28 days we always say to allow, although some orders, particularly overseas ones, may slip past that deadline. Apologies if that happens.

Orders have started going out, but if yours doesn't arrive immediately, please be patient and wait a while before sending an e-mail asking where an item has gone; most likely it's in the processs of being packed and shipped but is in a large queue. Thank you all for your understanding.

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