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New Gallifrey Box Sets Available for Pre-order!

New Gallifrey Box Sets Available for Pre-order!

6 February 2012

Gallifrey series V and Gallifrey series VI are due for release in 2013 and are now available for pre-order on CD and download. The two 3-disc box sets will see the long-running series come to a final, definite, end!

When we were last in the company of Romana, Leela and Narvin, they were lost on an alternative Gallifrey, one without time travel and all the benefits that offered. A totalitarian world where Romana was a tyrant and Narvin a psychopath. But they are dead and our Romana and Narvin have stepped into their shoes, trying to change this corrupt world from within and turn it into a Gallifrey they can live on... or use to find a way home.

“Gallifrey has been an amazing series to create, shape and direct over the last ten years,” says series director Gary Russell. “Alan Barnes and I originally spun it out of Big Finish’s fortieth anniversary of Doctor Who projects and so it seems remarkably appropriate to wind it all up in Doctor Who’s fiftieth year.  We’ve already told eighteen astonishing stories about these characters, and these final six chapters will see the series culminate in a truly breathtaking and dare I say nail-biting (big) finish. Whether everyone makes it safely to that end, though, remains to be seen...”

Produced again by Gary Russell and Scott Handcock, Gallifrey Series V will go on sale in February 2013. Gallifrey Series VI then follows in November, complete with a free fourth CD looking back at all twenty-four chapters of Romana and Leela's epic story.

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