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Doctor Who: Rocket Men Return

Doctor Who: Rocket Men Return

8 September 2012

The latest cover to be released is for Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles: Return of the Rocket Men, an audiobook starring Peter Purves as Steven Taylor (seen in the TV series alongside First Doctor William Hartnell), and Tim Treloar as Van Cleef.

Just over a year on from their first appearance, they're back! Return of the Rocket Men is a sequel to, unsurprisingly, The Rocket Men, last year's Companion Chronicle starring William Russell as Ian Chesterton, one of the First Doctor's original companions in the TV series. Written by Matt Fitton and directed by Lisa Bowerman, Return of the Rocket Men finds the Doctor's space pilot companion Steven Taylor taking on the villains, but unlike Ian, Steven is only too familiar with the Rocket Men and their particular brand of nastiness...

Return of the Rocket Men is available to pre-order now, and can also be bought as part of a CD or download subscription to the Companion Chronicles range.

The Doctor Who Companion Chronicles are a range of enhanced audiobooks, narrated but with the bonus of dramatized scenes too, with full sound design and an original music score.

(The First Doctor was originally played by William Hartnell, who starred in the BBC series from 1963 to 1966.)

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