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Sontaran Past Uncovered

Sontaran Past Uncovered

3 November 2011

It's time for another little tease of things to come in the third series of Lost Stories. Shown here is the cover to The First Sontarans, a story from Full Circle writer Andrew Smith

The story delivers exactly what is promised on the box by providing some insight into the origins of everyone's favourite potato-headed warmongers. Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant star as The Sixth Doctor and Peri in this revelatory adventure, coming in July.

Also now available is the trailer for The Guardians of Prophecy, which you can stream or download. This May Lost Story also reunites Sixy and Peri, with guest stars Simon Williams, Stephen Thorne and a host of Melkurs! Or whatever the collective noun is for them.

A quick mention as well for the cover to the Companion Chronicle The Anachronauts, which is on the site now on its product page. Teaming up Jean Marsh and Peter Purves, this is an intimate but far-reaching little story that plays out over the course of two discs. Released in January, it costs £12.99. But subscribers get it as part of their sub at no extra charge!

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