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Special Offer for The Eighth Doctor's Return!

Special Offer for The Eighth Doctor's Return!

14 November 2013

Big events in the Who world today as Paul McGann returned to the role of the Eighth Doctor in brand new online minisode The Night of the Doctor! To celebrate all things 8 and give new fans a jumping-on point for our (definitively canon!) adventures, you can get any of the Eighth Doctor Adventures on download for £4.99 - and Dark Eyes for £20! Plus you can hear the introduction of Charley for only £2.99, and C'rizz for just £5.99!

Not sure who the Charley, C'rizz, Lucie, Tamsin and Molly mentioned in The Night of the Doctor are? Now you can find out! Just pop on over to the Big Finish Bargains page and take your pick from the first adventures for Charley and C'rizz, four series of Eight Doctor Adventures and the Dark Eyes box set. And if you already know, here's your chance to catch up on adventures you might have missed!

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat says: "Of course, Paul is not only known for the telemovie but for all his wonderful audio adventures. I'm always telling the Doctors and companions, as they come through the show, that they'll never be quite done with it - Big Finish is expecting them."

And if you've not yet taken a look at the minisode everyone's talking about, you can watch it below...

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