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The Masters of Luxor is here!

The Masters of Luxor is here!

16 August 2012

The oldest lost Doctor Who story is finally available to enjoy!

The Masters of Luxor by Anthony Coburn has finally been released 49 years after the script was originally written for television!

Coburn, who wrote the very first Doctor Who story An Unearthly Child, originally devised Luxor as the second story, but it was ultimately replaced by Terry Nation’s The Daleks.

Those original scripts have been adapted by Nigel Robinson as part of the Lost Stories range, and performed by William Russell and Carole Ann Ford with Joseph Kloska guest starring as Tabor and the Perfect One.

“This was such a momentous story to make,” says producer David Richardson. “It really felt like an important piece of Doctor Who history. Anthony’s script is so dark and character-based, and it builds to a really doom-laden finale.

“If you enjoyed Farewell Great Macedon on our First Doctor Box Set, then you should love this – I was determined to assemble the whole team from that story, from William and Carole, to Nigel, Lisa Bowerman as director and Toby Robinson on sound design and music. The results of their hard labours are, I think, are quite breathtakingly moving and heart-breaking.”

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