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How to Download to Phones and Tablets

We're often asked if it's possible to download Big Finish audiobooks and audio dramas straight onto your i-devices, such as iphones and ipads. Here's the solution...

For ease of use, iphones and ipads are designed so that you can download audio files using the universally recognised itunes program. The only problem with that is that if you're trying to download audio onto your ipad or iphone, and that audio is not available on itunes, your ipad and iphone doesn't support the correct software.

It's easy to download from the Big Finish website to a PC or Mac computer, as many of you will know. You buy the production, click the download button and your computer automatically downloads the zip file and unzips it. But, as many of our customers have pointed out, this doesn't happen when you're using an iphone or ipad.

We are currently developing a way for items purchased from our website on these devices to be streamed or played while you're still online (you can, of course, download them at any time if you access your account via a computer and not a tablet or phone). But if you actually want to purchase them on your iphone or ipad and download them into iTunes, then the attached PDF explains exactly how to do that. You use a free app called Download Lite. The PDF gives full instructions. Skip to the bottom of this item and download it now.

If you're wondering why Big Finish doesn't make all its productions available through iTunes, here's the reason... iTunes quite legitimately charges any supplier (such as Big Finish) who seeks to supply content through iTunes. They are, essentially a distributor, a gateway through which people can buy great audio and video content. Our only problem is that our productions are entirely paid for by the money our customers pay us. This means, if we can't make a certain amount of money back, then we can't afford to make the productions in the first place.

For other suppliers of audio to iTunes, who are often releasing archive material or material paid for by other budgets (for example radio or TV budgets), the amount it costs to distribute through iTunes makes perfect sense. And the discounts, set by (who supply audiobook content to itunes) encourage greater sales for very low prices.

But Big Finish has a fairly niche market, and if itunes started selling all our material for, say, £1.99 per double-CD full-cast audiobook, only the most loyal, dedicated of customers would continue buying direct from our website for £12.99. And it's not too difficult to work out how many, many more sales we'd have to make through itunes to get anywhere near the amount of income we get from direct sales from our website (something like an 800% increase in sales). It's our judgement that it would be impossible to bring in enough funds for us to keep making our productions if we sold our audiobooks this way.

So, that's why we're not available through iTunes and You can, though, find some of our older productions on iTunes as Spoken Word Albums, although finding them (as we've sadly discovered) is not exactly easy.

But never mind, a solution is at hand. And if you want to know exactly how to implement it, please do read the really helpful information below, supplied by our website partners, Hughes Media.

Since this information was originally published several alternative methods have been put forward by Big Finish website visitors. These are collected below in the hope that they may be useful.

iPod / iPhone / iPad

Some people have had success using the GoodReader app for i-devices to download files:

Android / iPhone / iPad

The Opera web browser has been used to download the Zip files provided by the Big Finish website. Opera will then allow you to click on the downloaded zip file and play an MP3 file contained within it.


There is an application called Androzip that can be used to unzip the zipped audio files provided by the Big Finish website.

See the following pages for a method for downloading and playing Big Finish MP3 files on an iPhone / iPad

Help Guide for iPhone and iPad

Method 1 – Easiest

You can use a desktop computer and a web browser to download your purchased zipped audio files.

Once you have downloaded and unzipped your files you can add them to your iTunes library.

You can then sync your i-device with iTunes to copy the audio files to your device.

Method 2 – Stand Alone

This method assumes that you want to download audio files directly to your iPhone or iPad and that you do not want to transfer files using the iTunes method described above.

Please be aware that if you choose to download audio files using a 3G data connection you may incur data charges from your telephone provider.

You will need to install an App on your iPhone or iPad in order to download audio files from your Big Finish account to play on your device.

We suggest using the Downloads Lite – Downloader and Download Manager. Links are shown below:



Once you have downloaded the Dowloads Lite App you will need to use the Browser function and enter the Big Finish website address:

Once you have reached the website you will need to login using your regular user name and password.

After you have logged in you will need to go to the My Account page to see the audio files that you have purchased and which are available for download.

Click on the green “Download MP3” button. You will be offered several choices. Click on the Download button.

You will see a Save As screen. Keep to the default settings and click Done. Your file will begin to download. You can track progress of your download in the Downloads tab at the bottom of the screen.

After your file has downloaded click on the Files button at the bottom of the screen.

IMPORTANT. You will need to decompress (unzip) the file that you have downloaded. This is not obvious. Do not click on the blue circle with the arrow. Instead, click on the name of the file you have downloaded. You will see a message “Extracting files”

Once your files have been extracted click you will see a new folder. Click on the name of the folder and not the blue circle. Navigate to the correct folder and you will see a list of MP3 files.

Press on a file to start playing.

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