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2014 Big Finish Preview Podcast (January #1)

2014 Big Finish Preview Podcast (January #1)

1 January 2014

Nick Briggs and Paul Spragg are back to tease you with clips and trailers for the first Big Finish releases from this brand new year... 2014!

In the tradition of the Big Finish podcasts, it's all a bit shambolic. Paul is late, Nick forgets the intro and sounds drunk (although he absolutely isn't).

Nick's also worried about the battery running out on his portable recorder. Amongst all this, there are trailers galore for just about everything that's coming up from Big Finish at the beginning of 2014. As well as Doctor Who, there's Dorian Gray and Blake's 7.

As always, if you wish to contribute to the podcast, please don't hesitate to send your emails or mp3s to

And a big (finish) Happy New Year to you all!

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