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Doctor Who, Gallifrey One - Part Two (February #8)

Doctor Who, Gallifrey One - Part Two (February #8)

25 February 2013

Nick Briggs and Paul Spragg are in the office, tackling the issues of the day. They also present the second and final slab of audio gold from the Gallifrey One Doctor Who convention in LA.

The topics are flying fast and furiously from the audience at Gallifrey One, as Jason and Nick attempt to give their best answers. Will they succeed or will the fans surge forward to destroy them with deadly death rays? Can you risk not finding out?

Meanwhile, Paul Spragg re-joins Nick Briggs back in the UK for a gentle bit of email chat. Ahhh... There's also talk about 'the news' on the BF site. Dalek relaxation. The word 'forward' is mentioned quite a lot. Toby Hadoke's superb 'Who's Round' podcasts are discussed. And there's an unexpected arrival... but don't get too excited about that. He's just delivering the mail...

And don't forget, if you have anything at all to say to these podcasters... Please write to You can send comments, reviews, complaints, even audio clips. Now there's a gauntlet laid down!

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