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March 2012 #4: The Paul Spragg Podcast

March 2012 #4: The Paul Spragg Podcast

28 March 2012

Feeling a bit guilty for having locked Paul Spragg in a cupboard last week, Nick Briggs turns over the podcast to the Bristolian Bantermeister. But rather than make it all about him, this week's podcast is all about you!

Yes, it's time to rattle through more of your recent e-mails. Nick and Paul take on some tough questions from the bulging Big Finish inbox, encompassing release dates, whether their partners should do a podcast and upcoming covers - but manage to get distracted into talking about the local bridge, Cary Grant, lifestyle magazines and a recent Stargate recording.00:45:42

So while you tuck into a delicious fish finger sandwich for lunch (or whatever mealtime it is where you are), why not download or stream the podcast? And if you'd like your letter featured in a future podcast, or wish to enter our Leap Day podcast competition, drop us a line on

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