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February 2012 #1

February 2012 #1

1 February 2012

Nick presents the very first Big Finish Retrospective podcast, looking back at Januarys of the past…

David Richardson is in studio, Nick Briggs is in Murdered to Death at the Pomegranate Theatre Chesterfield - tickets still available - and Paul Spragg is in the office, but a podcast featuring just him is too terrifying to contemplate.

But cunning devil that he is, Nick has taken a recording device with him in order to present the very first Big Finish Retrospective podcast. It's the start of February, so it's time to look back at January. But not this year; that would be too easy, so Nick takes a look back at Januarys of the past.

Gary Russell reminisces about the very first Paul McGann Big Finish tale, Storm Warning, John Ainsworth discusses Peter Davison-starrer Circular Time and Nick waxes lyrical about the contribution of Maureen O'Brien to the first Companion Chronicle, Frostfire. Plus there's news on our upcoming podcasts starring Toby Hadoke...

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