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Podlet: The Eighth Doctor Adventures Sale - Day 3

Podlet: The Eighth Doctor Adventures Sale - Day 3

22 February 2012

Day three and series three in our Eighth Doctor Sale! Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith are back once more as the Eighth Doctor and Lucie reforge their friendship in the aftermath of the shocking finale to series two.

And where would you be without our very own executive producer Nick Briggs guiding your through the stories that make up the season? This time around, our dynamic duo faces off against the Krynoid, an army of Wirrn, a sinister Beast, the guillotine, violent robots and the Great One and her spider minions from Metebelis III! Plus: Lucie Miller ill-advisedly takes to the stage...

It's a full-on, rip-snorting ride, and the Doctor and Lucie are closer than ever before. But there's a dark secret creeping up on them... more on that tomorrow! In the meantime, you can download or stream the podcast now, and all of series three's stories are available today only for £5 each on CD or download, £35 for all eight. You can't afford to miss out, can you?

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