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A Rebellion Reborn

Released August 2013

A Rebellion Reborn

CD US $65.78
Download US $40.00

Starring Derek Riddell, Colin Salmon, Daniela Nardini, Carrie Dobro and Craig Kelly

Blake's 7 - The Audio Adventures: Rebel, Traitor and Liberator follow Blake’s incarceration; the forging of his legendary crew; and their captur...

Lucifer: Revelation - Audiobook

Released March 2015

Lucifer: Revelation - Audiobook

CD US $36.55
Download US $20.00

Starring Paul Darrow

A Chinese empress, head of a formidable space fleet, and keeper of dark secrets...

A beautiful killer, known as 'the Huntress', on a deadly ...

Lucifer - Audiobook

Released June 2013

Lucifer - Audiobook

CD US $36.55
Download US $20.00

Starring Paul Darrow

Many legends surround the aftermath of the collapse of The Federation, including the fate of Kerr Avon...

What happened to Avon after the de...

Blake's 7 - Audiobooks

Blake's 7 - Audiobooks is home to readings of Blake's 7 novels, and a box set which comprises every episode of the reimagined series. Currently available is the Paul Darrow book Lucifer, read by the author, and Blake's 7: A Rebellion Reborn is released this month.

Also available in their own ranges:

Blake’s 7: The Liberator Chronicles are a series of 3-CD box sets featuring the original stars of the much-loved TV series reprising their roles in these dramatic readings - comprising a mixture of narration and dramatised scenes.

There are also Blake’s 7 original novels available in hardback and electronic editions.

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