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Dark Shadows: Snowflake - A Ghost Story for Hallowe'en

Released October 2014

Dark Shadows: Snowflake - A Ghost Story for Hallowe'en

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Starring Daniel Collard

“It's this town. It's Collinsport. It's broken."

Victor Frost, a private investigator, is visiting Collinsport to find out whether the peopl...

Dark Shadows - Bloodlust

Dark Shadows: Bloodlust is a collection of thirteen episodes, released twice-weekly in a nod to the soap operas that in part inspired this classic series.

The 13 episode series is also available as Volume 1 and Volume 2 - each 3-disc CD set (which can also be bought as downloads) bringing the episodes together in two easily-bought titles. A Bundle brings together both sets as one purchase.

Some describe it as the town at the edge of the world.

When Melody and Michael Devereux come to Collinsport on their honeymoon, they don't know the secrets that are hidden behind closed doors. But those secrets will be unearthed when an innocent is viciously murdered.

Collinsport will be a town divided. One woman's rise to power will lead to further death and destruction. Families will be ripped apart. Blood will be spilt.

And the dark forces that wait in the shadows will wait no more. For in Collinsport, death is never the end...

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