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Dark Shadows - Audiobooks - Released Items

Curse of the Pharaoh

Released September 2009

9. Curse of the Pharaoh

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Nancy Barrett and Marie Wallace

Famed Egyptologist Dr Gretchen Warwick has come to Collinwood, searching for the answers to life in the hereafter. At first, Carolyn cannot unde...
Echoes of Insanity

Released July 2009

8. Echoes of Insanity

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring John Karlen and Lara Parker

"I discovered your mind in the darkness and I knew we could help each other."

After being shot outside Maggie Evan's door, Willie Loomis is...
The Wicked and the Dead

Released January 2009

7. The Wicked and the Dead

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Jerry Lacy and John Karlen

“Sometimes a devout man must do evil in the name of the greater good...”

Collinwood in the year 1897. The Reverend Gregory Trask has been w...

The Path of Fate

Released November 2008

6. The Path of Fate

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Lara Parker and David Selby

“The Master tells me that when Quentin Colins finds my heart, I can come back...”

Over a century ago, the first Quentin Collins built a sta...
The Skin Walkers

Released November 2008

5. The Skin Walkers

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Lara Parker and David Selby

“There is no such thing as choice, not here… Merely the inevitable…”

New York, 1899. A city full of hopes, dreams and love… Quentin Collins...
Clothes of Sand

Released July 2008

3. Clothes of Sand

CD US $13.00
Download US $7.99

Starring Kathryn Leigh Scott and Alec Newman

"The Sandman is coming... singing the children to sleep everywhere..."

When Maggie Evans is take to the Windcliff Institute, she begins her...
Angelique's Descent Part 2

Released August 2007

2. Angelique's Descent Part 2

CD US $17.00

Starring Lara Parker,with Andrew Collins

The first passions of Angelique and Barnabas ...
Angelique's Descent Part 1

Released August 2007

1. Angelique's Descent Part 1

CD US $17.00

Starring Lara Parker with Andrew Collins

The Dark Shadows legend continues in this two-part audio book, featuring dramatised sections performed by Lara Parker and Andrew Collins.


Dark Shadows - Audiobooks

Collinsport, an isolated fishing village on the Maine coast. At its centre lies the ominous Collinwood mansion, home of the wealthy Collins family. Those who dare to live at Collinwood find themselves the victims of ghosts, witchcraft and the supernatural, as they fight the spectre of vampirism that curses the Collins family name across the centuries.

All new talking books on CD and download, based on the classic gothic drama serial. Starring original Dark Shadows cast members including David Selby, Lara Parker, John Karlen and Kathryn Leigh Scott.

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