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Holmes and the Ripper

Released April 2010

1.03. Holmes and the Ripper

CD US $22.08
Download US $12.99

Starring Nicholas Briggs and Richard Earl with India Fisher

The grisly serial killings of prostitutes and vulnerable women in Victorian Whitechapel, dubbed by the popular press as the work of 'Jack the Ri...

Frozen Time

Released August 2007

98. Frozen Time

CD US $22.08
Download US $12.99

Starring Sylvester McCoy, Anthony Calf and Maryam d'Abo

The Ice Warriors return... "If this is the first Big Finish audio you ever hear, you should be impressed"
- Doctor Who Magazine

"Frozen T...

The Juggernauts

Released February 2005

65. The Juggernauts

CD US $22.08
Download US $12.99

Starring Colin Baker and Bonnie Langford

Within a small mining colony on the dark and distant planet of Lethe, events are occurring the results of which could dramatically affect things...


Released October 2014

4. Frankenstein

CD US $36.82
Download US $20.00

Starring Arthur Darvill, Nicholas Briggs and Georgia Moffett

When the crew of the Oceanus rescued a man close to death, its captain could barely have guessed at the incredible story that man would come to ...

Dark Eyes 1

Released November 2012

1. Dark Eyes 1

CD US $58.92
Download US $35.00

Starring Paul McGann and Ruth Bradley

'Recently, on TV, we saw how the Paul McGann Doctor died - now it's time to find out how he lived.' Steven Moffat

Winner, Best Online Drama,...

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If you've come to Big Finish for the first time, you may find there's a startling amount to choose from, so we've put together a more manageable, shorter list of productions.

These productions represent examples from across our ranges. Many people think they're our best - but, of course, opinions differ. Scroll through, read the plot synopses, peruse the cast lists, dip into the behind-the-scenes sections and listen to the trailers for free.

There are Doctors, Daleks, Cybermen, Ice Warriors, Sontarans... There's Sherlock Holmes, Stargate, Bernice Summerfield...

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