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The Witchfinders

Released April 2009

1.01. The Witchfinders

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Starring Richard Armitage

The Sheriff of Nottingham has hit on the perfect plan to finish Robin Hood off once and for all… Accusing the outlaw of witchcraft, he invites a...
The Speckled Band

Released June 2011

1.0X. The Speckled Band

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Starring Nicholas Briggs and Richard Earl

Helen Stoner consults Sherlock Holmes about the death of her twin sister, Julia, who died before her wedding, crying that: "it was the Speckled ...

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Released December 2012

X1. Ghosts of Christmas Past

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Starring Alexander Vlahos and Nicholas Briggs

Christmas, 1912. The funeral of an old friend brings Dorian back to London. But when his painting is stolen, Dorian is blackmailed into committi...

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