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UNIT - Released Items

U.N.I.T.: The Coup

Released November 2004

1.0. U.N.I.T.: The Coup

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Starring Nicholas Courtney with Siri O'Neal

London, the near future; UNIT is finished. The UK division of the UNIT prepares to cede its authority to a new organisation... But who is attemp...

U.N.I.T.: Snake Head

Released January 2005

1.2. U.N.I.T.: Snake Head

CD US $8.40
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Starring Siri O'Neal and Nicholas Deal

A mobile phone call to the emergency services, a body found on Government land and an ancient burial site unearthed at an archaeological dig all...

U.N.I.T.: The Longest Night

Released March 2005

1.3. U.N.I.T.: The Longest Night

CD US $8.40
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Starring Siri O'Neal and Nicholas Deal

'We interrupt this broadcast…' Having survived a day at the seaside, Robert Dalton and Emily Chaudhry are enjoying a few pints… Having spent the...

U.N.I.T.: The Wasting

Released June 2005

1.4. U.N.I.T.: The Wasting

CD US $8.40
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Starring Nicholas Courtney and Siri O'Neal

A deadly flu-like infection is sweeping the planet. Its first cases appeared in Britain but now millions are infected worldwide and there is no ...

Doctor Who - UNIT: Dominion (Boxset)

Released October 2012

Doctor Who - UNIT: Dominion (Boxset)

CD US $67.22
Download US $35.00

Starring Sylvester McCoy, Tracey Childs, Beth Chalmers and Alex Macqueen, with Sophie Aldred

The universe stands on the brink of a dimensional crisis – and the Doctor and Raine are pulled into the very epicentre of it.

Meanwhile, on ...


UNIT sees a retired General Sir Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart acting as  advisor to a new team: Colonel Emily Chaudhry (Siri O'Neal), Lieutenant Will Hoffman (Robert Curbishley) and Colonel Robert Dalton (Nicholas Deal).

The fourth play sees the introduction of a character glimpsed in the Doctor Who - Unbound range, Colonel Brimmicombe-Wood (David Tennant – who would, of course, go on to play the Tenth Doctor).

Discover and enjoy the further adventures of UNIT in their own self-contained mini-series, with more to come soon in the form of Doctor Who - UNIT: Dominion.

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