1.5. Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking

Released January 2006

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When Sapphire and Steel arrive at Blackledge Prison, an unexplained death proves to hold the first of an intriguing series of inconsistencies. What has happened to Time?

All irregularities will be handled by the forces controlling each dimension. Transuranic, heavy elements may not be used where there is life. Medium atomic weights are available: Gold, Lead, Copper, Jet, Diamond, Radium, Sapphire, Silver and Steel. Sapphire and Steel have been assigned.

Written By: Nigel Fairs & John Ainsworth
Directed By: Nigel Fairs


David Warner (Steel); Susannah Harker (Sapphire); David Collings (Silver); Trevor Littledale (Michael Kent); Jo Castleton (Marian Anderson); Arthur Bostrom (Richard Hanmore); Neil Cole (Ian Jackson); Michael Chance (Hammond); Linda Bartram (Mo Jackson)