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Vortex Issue 63

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She's back - in her own solo series! Charley herself, India Fisher, provides a few teasers on what we can expect in the brand new box set, and also provides a baby update.


Travelling solo with the Doctor this time around, Sarah Sutton talks about a bolder Nyssa and being part of the fiftieth anniversary celebrations.


Paul 'Avon' Darrow is the final cast member to be tapped for a chat about all things 7, from capturing the voices of the characters in his novels to the possibility of Avon being played by George Clooney on the big screen.


It's a big month for Blake's 7, and we got the writers of the latest Liberator Chronicles (Volume 8) to tease what's in store. Servalan reveals her secrets, an in-depth look at Cally... and Blake finally wins?


It's very much Charley Pollard month, so we take a look back at the start of her final trilogy with the Sixth Doctor in Doctor Who: Patient Zero.


Some intriguing listener letters, our updated release schedule, and a sneak peek at Terrahawks! If you'd like to send in a question or comment, please drop us a line on and mark your e-mail 'Feedback'.


You can download a PDF or DOC version of the Vortex magazine using the buttons on the left under the cover image.

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