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February 2014 Releases

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Moving Targets Torchwood

2.4. Moving Targets (Coming Soon)

Updated 14 February 2016


Suzie Costello will return! Indira Varma stars in a brand new Torchwood adventure, coming June 2016!

The War Doctor Volume 02: Infernal Devices Doctor Who - The Collected War Doctor

2. The War Doctor Volume 02: Infernal Devices (Coming Soon)

Updated 13 February 2016


Ready Battle TARDISes! The Time War continues on Monday February 22nd will the release of Doctor Who - The War Doctor 2: Infernal Devices!

You're Him, Aren't You? (Audiobook) Big Finish Audiobooks

You're Him, Aren't You? (Audiobook) (Coming Soon)

Updated 12 February 2016


Announced today - a new audiobook version of Paul Darrow's autobiography, read by the man himself! Contains an exclusive extra chapter!

The Liberator Chronicles Volume 12 Blake's 7 - The Liberator Chronicles

12. The Liberator Chronicles Volume 12 (Coming Soon)

Updated 11 February 2016


Del Tarrant, Vila and the Armageddon Storm will return in 'Capital' and 'Punishment' - the final two stories of the Liberator Chronicles!

Prime Winner Doctor Who - Short Trips

6.02. Prime Winner (Coming Soon)

Updated 10 February 2016


Teaser excerpt now available

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