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March 2014 Releases

Latest Updates

Dark Shadows: Bloodlust (Collected Episodes 1 - 7) Dark Shadows - Full Cast Drama

45A. Dark Shadows: Bloodlust (Collected Episodes 1 - 7) (Coming Soon)

Updated 22 September 2014


More cast details, behind-the-scenes photos, and soundclips announced (see News)

Scimitar Blake's 7 - The Classic Audio Adventures

2.1. Scimitar (Coming Soon)

Updated 21 September 2014


Cast and cover announced.

The Selachian Gambit Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles

6.08. The Selachian Gambit

Updated 20 September 2014


Special offer price for 20th September and 21st September only...

Mistfall Doctor Who - Main Range

195. Mistfall (Coming Soon)

Updated 19 September 2014


Story descriptions added for Mistfall, Equilibrium and The Entropy Plague

Toby Hadoke's Who's Round #70 - Philip Martin (part 2) Toby Hadoke's Who's Round

70. Toby Hadoke's Who's Round #70 - Philip Martin (part 2)

Updated 17 September 2014


#70 goes live today - check out the entire range of conversations with Doctor Who figures from the past and present!

Survivors - Audiobook of Novel Survivors

Survivors - Audiobook of Novel (Coming Soon)

Updated 16 September 2014


Pre-order and description announced

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