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Doctor Who: Antidote to Oblivion Out Now

Doctor Who: Antidote to Oblivion Out Now

14 January 2014

Out now is our first Doctor Who release of the year: Antidote to Oblivion! Starring Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor and Lisa Greenwood as his companion Flip, it also features the return of everyone's favourite money-grubbing monster, Sil.

Future Britain is bankrupt, its corporate owners facing financial ruin. Fortunately, the Universal Monetary Fund, and its slimy representative Sil, are willing to give its President a multi-billion credit bail-out... but terms and conditions apply, and Sil's proposed austerity measures go far beyond mere benefit cuts.

Responding to a distress call, the Doctor and his companion Flip land in a London whose pacified population has been driven largely underground. But the horrors down there in the dark are as nothing to the horrors that await them at ConCorp HQ, where a young biochemist in Sil's employ is working on a permanent solution to the nation's terminal unprofitability.

Because in the final account, Sil plans to make a killing...

Written by Doctor Who TV writer (and Sil creator) Philip Martin and directed by Nicholas Briggs, Doctor Who: Antidote to Oblivion stars Colin Baker (the Sixth Doctor on TV from 1984-1986) and Lisa Greenwood (The Hour) as Flip, plus Nabil Shaban as Sil.

It's available now for download, and CDs are being posted out today.

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