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Sixth Doctor and Flip in The Brood of Erys

Sixth Doctor and Flip in The Brood of Erys

25 November 2013

Today we present everything you need to know about Doctor Who: The Brood of Erys, the February main range release for which you can check out the cover on the left!

Doctor Who: The Brood of Erys stars Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor (as seen on TV from 1984-1986) and Lisa Greenwood (The Hour) as his companion Flip, and is the second in a trilogy of stories which includes Antidote to Oblivion (featuring the return of Sil from TV story Vengeance on Varos) and Scavenger.

Space travellers are warned to keep away from the area of the planet Asphya and its unremarkable moon Erys. Not the best place to materialise the TARDIS, then – as the Doctor discovers when his ship is raided by the imp-like Drachee, and his companion Flip is carried away…

But the TARDIS isn’t the only stricken vessel in the region. Aboard a nearby space yacht, the Doctor encounters a woman who holds in her head the secret of Erys – a secret suppressed by amnesia, or worse.

Flip, too, is about to learn Erys’ secret. But once you know Erys’ secret, you can never escape.

Doctor Who: The Brood of Erys is available for pre-order now on CD and download, and can also be part of a main range subscription.

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