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Doctor Who, Avengers, Survivors and More! (July #2)

Doctor Who, Avengers, Survivors and More! (July #2)

9 July 2013

An exciting insight into the world of Nick Briggs and the team as the Big Finish executive producer turns up at a company meeting with a recording device determined to do a podcast. Find out how he got on...

It's a full house for the first time in a while as Nick Briggs takes you on a drive to a Big Finish meeting. Once there, he quickly seizes the chance to do an impromptu podcast with the unwary Jason Haigh-Ellery, the unstoppable David Richardson and the unbearable Paul Spragg!

Find out how things are going on in Big Finish Land, what's coming up, and how the team feels about Nick's encounter with royalty and the recent Wimbledon championships being won by a Brit. Ambivalent simply doesn't do it justice.

There'll be more from Toby Hadoke's Who's Round later in the week, and if you'd like to contact the podcast to enter a competition or send in comments, criticisms or questions for Toby or the team, drop us a note on

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