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Doctor Who January Preview and The Wrong Doctors (January 2013 #1)

Doctor Who January Preview and The Wrong Doctors (January 2013 #1)

4 January 2013

Nick Briggs and his son Ben present a brand new podcast featuring previews of the month's releases plus the chance to hear episode one of Doctor Who: The Wrong Doctors!

Happy new year!

Nick Briggs is back at the mic in his special secret base in the south of England, and he's once more enlisted the help of his son Ben to present the first of this year's podcasts. If you thought you'd heard comedy genius before, wait 'til you get a load of this!

There's a look ahead to this month's releases, namely Dark Shadows: The Haunted Refrain, Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles: The Flames of Cadiz and Doctor Who: The Auntie Matter, reteaming Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor with the magnificent Mary Tamm's Romana. And then you can hear the whole of episode one of this month's Sixth Doctor release Doctor Who: The Wrong Doctors, starring Colin Baker and Bonnie Langford!

All this and invisible monsters can be heard if you download or stream the podcast now! And if you have any questions or comments for the team in future podcasts, you can mail us on

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