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1.4. Immortal Beloved

Immortal Beloved

Released April 2007

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'Theosophy? Ha! Surely you mean theophany? Because we're not talking about real gods here, are we? We're talking about the appearance of gods. Your heavenly powers are a little too mechanical for my liking. And, if I may be so bold, Lord Zeus, your demeanor is not very godlike.'


"A good story that delivers an interesting debate on the advantages, and the monstrous cost, of eternal life."
- Starburst

Written By: Jonathan Clements
Directed By: Jason Haigh-Ellery


Paul McGann (The Doctor); Sheridan Smith (Lucie Miller); Ian McNeice (Zeus); Elspet Gray (Hera); Jennifer Higham (Sararti); Anthony Spargo (Kalkin); David Dobson (Tayden/Ares); Jake McGann (Ganymede)


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