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Doctor Who Weekend Special Offer: The Eighth Doctor Adventures!

Doctor Who Weekend Special Offer: The Eighth Doctor Adventures!

28 November 2014

After weeks of single title offers, this weekend we decided on something a little bigger. So until Monday morning, there's a very special price on all Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor titles...

This weekend Big Finish are proud to unveil their biggest special offer yet! From now until Monday morning, all Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor Adventures are available for just £5 each on CD (plus relevant postage) or just £2.99 on Download!

Travel back to the ancient days of 2007, when The Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) first crossed time tracks with Lucie Miller (Sheridan Smith) and began four years of adventures in Space and Time. Together they face down Cybermen and Ice Warriors, Krynoids and Zygons, and build to the apocalyptic face off with the Dalek Time Controller. For this weekend only, all of these releases can be yours at an amazing special offer price...

And if that's not enough, we've also included the award winning Doctor Who – Dark Eyes 1 at a special price of £20 on CD (plus relevant postage) or Download.

For those looking to catch up on entire years of the series at a single click, Bundles have been created for each of the Four Series (with free postage on CD Bundles in the UK), plus a Super Bundle for the entire Eighth Doctor Adventures range.

Anyone looking for other offers on the Dark Eyes range should check out the Bundles link offering UK-postage-free prices on the collected Dark Eyes range, or on Dark Eyes 2 - 4.

Doctor Who - Dark Eyes 3 remains at its pre-order price of £20 on Download or CD until 1st December (that's this Monday), so strike while you can! Doctor Who - Dark Eyes 4 is released in March 2015.

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