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  • Muse of Fire
  • The Seventh Doctor New Adventures Volume 01
  • The Mistpuddle Murders
  • Entanglement
  • I Am The Master
  • Warlock's Cross
  • Bernice Summerfield: In Time (Audiobook)
  • Survivors Series 08
  • The Tony & Cassandra Mysteries Series 02
  • The Crash of the UK-201
  • Star Trek Prometheus: In the Heart of Chaos
  • Blind Terror: The Gods of Frost
  • Star Cops: Mother Earth Part 2
  • The War Master: The Master of Callous
  • UNIT - Revisitations
  • The Hunting Ground
  • Iris Wildthyme and the Claws of Santa
  • ATA Girl
  • The Horror Collection
  • The Legacy of Time
The Tenth Doctor and Donna return!

The Tenth Doctor and Donna return!

David Tennant and Catherine Tate reprise their roles as The Doctor and Donna Noble in Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume 03

And this time, they’re taking the family with them...

For more information, read the news announcement here.

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  3. Survivors
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Bernice Summerfield – In Time

Bernice Summerfield – In Time

Eight new short stories from the varied and adventurous timeline of Bernice Summerfield are available now in Bernice Summerfield – In Time. Will Benny still be digging for artefacts at 80? You bet she will!

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Nick and Benji present all the latest from Big Finish's world of audio drama. Reviews and clips of the latest productions. Guest star: Tracey Childs (Elizabeth Klein in Doctor Who). Drama tease: Blake's 7 Restoration - Damage Control.

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